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| Aug 18, 2020

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Training is an ongoing part of professional development for individuals at every level of an organization. We believe that as today’s leaders navigate an ever-changing and developing business landscape it is vital they take every opportunity to maximize organizational effectiveness and enhance personal leadership skills.

Executives might attend a training course, leadership seminars and other live training events or invest in one to one leadership development programs or the service of an executive coach. We offer dynamic leadership development training currently delivered live online or face to face, equipping Los Angeles executives with the skills needed for leading effective teams.

As an organization or employer, investment in development training is a proven way to leverage your greatest asset and boost profits. Training courses provide executive education that will lead to more confident leaders, more effective teams, better relationships and a greater ability to both navigate change and use it to your organization’s advantage.

For an employer, executive education programs can be used to focus training on professional skills such as business analytics, science in business, technology management and organization, as well as building emotional intelligence. Leadership development training is about more than MBA programs or other masters programs but about equipping executives with the soft skills required for effective business leadership.

Executive Training Available in Los Angeles

Whether you are an employer or student, a CEO or just starting out on the management professional track there are numerous leadership training courses, executive MBA options, business skills courses and executive coaches available for training in Los Angeles and around Southern California.

Executives can enhance their business skills, conflict resolution, change management and emotional intelligence through leadership experience partner programs, boot camps, a day workshop or a virtual live training course. This benefits both the employer and the individual as well as helping to meet organizational objectives at every level.

Leadership Conferences

Los Angeles California offers a number of leadership summits and conferences such as the annual Circle of Change Leadership Conference and Women’s Leadership Conference that can provide an employer with valuable leadership training in Los Angeles.

Conferences of this type offer more than just a course that an employer can pay for. For example, the Women’s leadership conference provides the opportunity to network with other women in leadership roles and see how they are managing successful businesses while operating flexible schedules. While the Circle of Change virtual conference focuses on bringing together future leaders in their change leadership experience and can be a great place to find new talent as an employer.

Executive Training

Traditionally training courses are the professional development track most likely to be offered by an employer, and they are useful for ticking the boxes when it comes to meeting requirements for continuing professional development or increasing your knowledge and expertise in a particular area.

Just as you can go to a fitness bootcamp in Los Angeles there are also business and professional skills bootcamps aimed at giving executives and entrepreneurs the skills they need to drive their businesses forward.

This style of training is an intense introduction to the skills and competencies required to be a leader such as emotional intelligence, time management, communications, facilitation, conflict management and leading through change. The aim is to gain knowledge of the skills required to clarify goals and drive a company forward.

This style of day training in Los Angeles may be favored by an employer looking to prepare staff for business succession or by entrepreneurs wanting to boost their skills and knowledge quickly by attending a one-off event.

Other forms of executive training could include:

  • Management training for new or experienced managers focusing on the skill and knowledge required to manage people and resources in the best way to achieve goals and hit targets.
  • Leadership training for emerging or established leaders focusing on the personal skills needed to be an effective leader and bring together cohesive and motivated teams.
  • Project management certification focusing on specific aspects of project planning and control.
  • Change management focusing on the specific skills required to lead organizations through periods of change, how best to combat resistance, build support and deal with arising issues.
  • Communication training which may take the form of public speaking, visual communications training, or developing empathy, listening skills and the best ways to provide and receive objective feedback.
  • Negotiation skills needed for closing and finalizing deals.
  • Conflict management both in terms of how to manage and limit the negative side of a conflict and also how to recognize and channel the potential for creativity and innovation that can arise from conflict.
  • Financial management and the skills required for managing budgets and making accurate estimates and projections.
  • Performance management to help refine the process of setting goals, evaluating performance, giving feedback and rewarding or managing those that excel or fall short of requirements and expectations.

Many of these topics and skill sets could be covered in a course and as an employer, this can be an attractive option for supporting staff development. However many of the skills may be more effectively internalized through a longer-term relationship and learning process such as that provided by a coaching relationship.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaches are a leadership essential in the eyes of many of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs and can change leadership experience and elevate business acumen in far more powerful and long-lasting ways than a simple training course.

Executive coaches are often employed as part of wider development programs or as support alongside a professional training course as they ensure learning can be fully integrated into the running of the organization.

An executive coaching course generally begins with a 360-degree assessment of the coaching client and where they fit within the organization as well as clarification and refinement of the organizational and personal goals. This process might identify if there is training required and will put in place an action plan for the duration of the coaching relationship with measurable outcomes to be achieved.

We offer a highly tailored leadership development program to Los Angeles Business clients that includes both a course of one to one sessions and group cohort sessions that can be delivered in person or online.

Coaching is not the same as a student-teacher relationship, instead, it is about drawing out a person’s innate talents and abilities, shifting focus by asking the right questions, and identifying where improving skills such as communication, self-awareness, critical thinking, empathy and time management could have massive impacts on output and goal realization.

The benefits of executive coaching include:

  • Clear aligned goals and an achievable action plan that can be used to monitor progress and evaluate results.
  • Improved focus and motivation. With better clarity and a plan in place individuals start seeing results fast which leads to more motivation and the ability to determine the best areas to focus on for success.
  • Better accountability. A good coach will hold you accountable accelerating success and keeping you on track.
  • More creativity. One of the outcomes of coaching is the ability to think outside of your usual parameters. Having an outside perspective, a sounding board and someone to ask the difficult questions helps to find more creative solutions.
  • Better relationships. One of the most important outcomes is improved relationships due to improved communication, self-awareness and empathy.

Contact us to learn more about our leadership program and talk through the program’s overview with one of our dedicated team. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional client centered service with a focus on results – and our client testimonials reflect our commitment to our values.

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