Why Successful Leaders Choose Coaching

| Jun 22, 2020

Why Choose Coaching

Today’s leaders must achieve results while navigating a challenging, dynamic, highly competitive, and increasingly complex business landscape. Successful leaders who recognize it’s more important than ever to adapt to change, maximize their organizational effectiveness, and expand their leadership capabilities rank coaching ahead of any other professional development service. Guided by a professional coach, they can:

  • Enhance their ability to lead change
  • Evolve their leadership presence
  • Improve communication effectiveness
  • Cultivate strategic relationships
  • Develop high performance teams

It’s no surprise that the coaching industry has exploded in recent years. People everywhere can easily enter this popular field and introduce themselves as “coaches”: life, retirement, spiritual, financial, networking, relationship and more.

Talent development experts must evaluate this diverse group of resources to find the very narrow segment of qualified corporate coaches to support their business leaders. Even then, there can be mixed results. The War for Talent survey respondents evaluated only 35% of the coaching they received as good-to-excellent.

The Leets Consortium’s coaching and client service teams effectively manage all coaching engagement variables to achieve the established coaching objectives in 95% of coaching engagements (as evaluated by TLC clients).

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