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| May 14, 2020

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The Leets Consortium (TLC) is a global leader in leadership coaching and talent development. Our custom programs delivered by highly qualified and experienced executive coaches provide a detailed pathway to effective outcomes whether working with individual executives, senior management or teams within your organization.

There are many different coaching methods that cover all areas of life including:

  • Group coaching or One-on-one Coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Career advancement coaching
  • Management coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • and Wellness coaching

Corporate coaching services can focus on both individuals and whole teams with coaching engagements tailored specifically towards the needs of each individual organization. Different coaching solutions and development programs will be deployed depending on the objectives of the organization to ensure both immediate measurable results and sustainable long term success.

Why Invest In Corporate Coaching Services?

Sports people have long appreciated the value of a good coach, so why not apply the same thinking to the business world. You are good but you want to be outstanding and a coach can help you make that leap.

Good coaching relationships can help both senior management and teams reach their full potential by really clarifying goals and creating a personalized development program that is built around a full understanding of existing strengths and weaknesses.

Coaches are there to provide both support and accountability. Many coaches will have extensive executive leadership experience and can share their leadership strategies, but they are also there to ask the difficult questions which can often be the key to improved performance.

Our corporate coaching services, including talent development, leadership development coaching, and change management, focus on integrity, outcomes, consistency of the engagement process, and client delight. 95% of our executive coaching clients report coaching outcome expectations met or exceeded compared to an industry-standard of closer to 50%

Executive coaching can have a number of outcomes and the bespoke nature of the service means that providing clients are on board with the process it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve multiple objectives.

Corporate coaching is not training. Training is delivered whereas coaching is a collaborative process that draws on existing knowledge, although coaches are often experts in many fields and will be able to introduce new skills the process does not stop there.

Corporate coaching is also not a form of consultancy, again coaches may be able to offer expert insight into specific problems but that is not the focus. Likewise, corporate coaches are not life coaches although professional development and performance are often closely linked with personal goals and aspirations so again there is often a degree of overlap.

What corporate coaching can offer is:

  • Improved leadership skills.
  • Better influencing and communication skills.
  • Improved stakeholder management.
  • Smooth career transition.
  • Better time management and organizational skills.
  • An improved level of self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Increased motivation.
  • The ability to think more laterally and make smart decisions.
  • A better understanding of situations and when to say no.

All these outcomes and many more are achieved through a collaborative coaching relationship that will support you or your team in maintaining drive and focus while making better decisions and building more effective relationships.

Coaching for Senior Management

Our custom programs, delivered by highly qualified and experienced executive coaches, are considered a valuable investment in your senior leaders, focusing on accountability, communication and success at every stage.

The management coaching process starts with a thorough 360-degree assessment involving the coaching clients and others within their organization. This part of the coaching process is designed to give a comprehensive and fair overview assessment of both strengths and weaknesses that proves to be an invaluable source of information when the action planning process begins.

The one-on-one coaching then focuses on the formation of a clear, concise development plan which can be implemented with the help of the coach and serve as a way to monitor success and outcomes.

Goals might focus on improving communication through better self-awareness and empathy towards others, developing leadership strategies that are collaborative and encourage a culture of feedback, or developing strategies for career advancement. Whatever the desired outcomes, good coaching relationships based on trust and integrity will provide accountability, be a sounding board, and facilitate coaching clients in unlocking their potential and overcoming any challenges or resistance.

Coaching for Teams

While advancement coaching for an individual executive will often have noticeable benefits to the whole of an organization, team coaching is also a valuable investment.

The reality is that not all teams effectively function as a team and this can have a negative impact on organizational success. Even something as simple as gaining absolute clarity over what you are trying to achieve can result in a more cohesive and effective team and lead to better communication with those outside the team as well.

Team coaching can also help to gain the commitment needed to ensure effective collaboration, working at an individual and collective level to uncover strengths and areas for growth that are aligned with the newly clarified collective vision.

Team coaching also develops valuable skills that can facilitate on-going growth and a transformation of organizational culture. Developing better communication abilities allows teams to navigate challenges smoothly and effectively in a more cohesive manner, achieving greater results and benefiting from greater motivation, productivity and staff retention among other things.

TLC have developed an innovative leadership development program that combines individual and team coaching in a powerful six-month format. Combining the undeniable results of executive coaching with the powerful learning impact of small group training.

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