TLC’s CEO, Anne Leets, is an experienced Keynote Speaker, Session Facilitator and Team Retreat Leader and Author.

Her successful Fortune 500 leadership experience and extensive coaching expertise provides diverse leaders with strategic insights, high-impact best practices and thought-provoking content on today’s most important leadership development topics.

Anne’s audiences, who represent a wide range of functional areas, organizational levels and business sectors, enjoy the unique way she connects and resonates with their everyday dynamics. Audiences find her to be engaging, inspiring and entertaining as they explore important topics like authentic leadership, staying true to personal values and preparing for the next level with a strategic enterprise focus.

Passionate about research and preparation, Anne becomes a “student” of the client’s business and interviews key leaders to make sure her content is relevant and meaningful with valuable perspectives. She understands that each organization is unique, and customizes her topics to fit your objectives, culture and audience.

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Popular Topics

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Critical in today’s complex, competitive, and dynamic business landscape.


Elevate team leadership and cross functional organizational effectiveness with the power of EQ.

Create a culture to engage, motivate and retain the talent needed to drive business results.

Create alignment, encourage collaboration, support innovation and accelerate team performance.

Effective Communication:

Strategies to make your words matter and influence any outcome.


Communicate to achieve the desired outcome with any audience, one on one, or in presentations.

Use empathy, word choice, context, perspective and “stories” to influence and create high impact.

Negotiate and have crucial conversations to effectively navigate team and corporate dynamics.

Leading Change:

Beyond current paradigms and embracing “what’s next” with positivity, confidence and resilience.


Develop “resilience”, positive energy and a mindset that’s open to change and primed to succeed.

Cultivate this advantage in team members so they advance new initiatives and thrive.

Keep team culture and wellbeing in focus to engage and retain talent during challenging times.

Women Who Lead:

Leverage inherent leadership strengths to build a strong personal brand and advance career growth.


Channel innate qualities such as communication, collaboration, empathy, relationship building, work ethic, organization, negotiation and critical thinking to enhance influence and visibility.

Build strategic relationships across the organization and gain support from mentors and sponsors.

Strengthen leadership skills to prepare for expanded responsibility in key areas with confidence.

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