Executive Coaching for Senior Managers

| May 4, 2021

an executive coach in a session with a senior manager at office

More and more organizations are recognizing the value of executive and leadership coaching in developing their leadership teams and supporting senior managers. With many companies integrating coaching into their talent management and leadership development programs.

Coaching culture is all about delivering results and improving performance both individually and as a collective through accessing an individual’s full potential. As well as assisting senior managers in clarifying and achieving their goals, creating a leadership style that utilizes coaching skills can increase talent development within the wider organization.

Team development programs can also make use of certified coaches to identify and support emerging leaders and create a wider coaching culture within the organization. One-to-one and team coaching is also an effective way to assimilate learning and ensure leaders are able to put the theory into practice once training is over.

What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching engagements offer coaching clients a one-to-one relationship with a coach who will work with them to clarify their goals and achieve their objectives. Management coaching can help everyone from mid-level management teams to senior leaders hone their leadership skills, and can offer a far greater return on investment than traditional leadership training as executive coaches offer a completely personalized leadership development program that focuses not only on tools and skills but on the integration and application of these skills.

One-to-one coaching is becoming more and more common as a key strategy for organizational development as the coaching process not only accelerates progress and drives the entire organization forward but is an exceptional way to help managers and leaders unlock their potential, gain self-awareness and improve their emotional intelligence all of which have lasting effects long after the coaching relationship is over with the effects spilling over into the team or organization.

Certified coaches also act as a confidential sounding board and offer senior executives a first port of call to discuss ideas when problems or opportunities arise. This in itself can be an invaluable resource and one of the key reasons business owners employ executive level coaches.

Benefits of Executive Coaching for Senior Managers

Executive coaching is an effective way to achieve any number of desired outcomes as it focuses on maximizing an individual’s capacity by drawing on their existing talents, helping them to think more strategically, and improving collaboration and communication skills. Coaching is also a great way to improve emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy which can have a dramatic impact on team dynamics and management style.

Senior managers that are more self-aware are better able to identify their strengths as well as being honest about their shortcomings making them more likely to look for and harness the attributes they are less abundant in elsewhere on their team. More emotionally intelligent managers also tend to be more reflective rather than reactive in their behavior and have more flexibility and openness to change. Leaders with better self-management skills will tend to remain calm under pressure and recover quickly from upsets ensuring they maintain effective leadership and decision making.

A researcher from Harvard Business School has shown that as well as having better self-awareness and self-management skills, those with higher emotional intelligence have also been shown to be better at relationship management and have higher social awareness, both of which are key leadership attributes.

Leaders and managers who have better social awareness and relationship management skills are often those leaders we think of as being inspirational. They are better able to see the talents of individuals within their teams as well as encourage effective team dynamics and effectively deal with conflict. They are better at working as part of a team, sharing responsibility and recognition with others, and are effective at guiding others towards vision and objectives.

Leadership Coaching for Senior Managers

When considering talent management an HR professional might be more focused on engaging the services of a career coach for an emerging leader than developing the leadership strategy of the existing senior managers. However, team development and skills training can happen at every level and an executive coach can offer invaluable support at senior levels benefiting both the individual and the organization.

As well as being a sounding board for new ideas executive coaches will challenge existing ideas and assumptions in ways that other people may not do. In order for coaching to be effective leaders must be willing to be coached, but if they are a good coach can help individuals achieve dramatic results in relatively short periods of time by helping them build self-awareness and effective and lasting changes.

A coaching relationship will typically last anywhere from a few months to a year or more. The first coaching session will often include a thorough 360-degree review and an in-depth interview to identify the current leadership style and key goals and objectives. Development planning can then take place and measurable outcomes will be agreed upon so that tangible benefits can be recorded.

While traditionally executive coaching would take place face to face, virtual leadership coaching is becoming more and more common, meaning you can choose a specialist coach from any number of global locations that are able to meet your precise requirements.

Coaching Training

As well as providing executive coaching to senior managers many organizations are also providing coaching training. Coaching can be an effective part of a leadership strategy and coaching skills are becoming a common component of leadership development programs.

Taking a more coaching focused approach to management can help leaders build and lead more effective teams, consistently deliver improved results while constantly building capabilities and effectiveness within the organization.

Just as executive coaching enhances strategic thinking, collaboration and communication skills for leaders, equipping managers with a coaching certification or skills can dramatically improve the performance and functionality of their entire team.

Finding the Best Executive Coach

Finding the best executive coach is all about finding the perfect fit for you and your organization. Leets Consortium pride itself on exceeding expectations at every step, providing bespoke services that align with your requirements and the highest standards of coaching.

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