Small Business Coach & Consulting Services, What You’ll Get

| Sep 1, 2020

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For many small business owners and entrepreneurs getting caught up in the day to day operations of their business leaves little time to focus on the action planning and strategy needed for business growth.

Business coaching can help you get to the point where you are working less and earning more by helping you clarify your vision and focus on your strengths. The guidance and support of a small business coach can help to hold you accountable, motivate you and help you progress to the next level whether you are just starting out, looking to expand, or looking to change direction in your business.

Coaching works best when the business coaching client is fully involved and builds a relationship of trust with the coach. This way they can set down the goals they want to achieve and work together to plan strategically and overcome any obstacles that may arise. Coaches are there to help you realize your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible equipping you with the tools you need as well as an outside perspective through the eyes of an executive.

What a Small Business Coach Can Do for You and Your Business

Business coaches for entrepreneurs and small business owners can offer wide-ranging support in a variety of areas. Depending on where you are in your business journey business coaching can help you refine your business plans, help you grow your business, overcome obstacles, and ultimately make sure your business is one of the success stories.

Business success is about more than just social media and business marketing, it’s about more than cash flow and how much money is in your checking accounts, and it’s about more than finding your next client or member of the team as your business grows. Yet for many self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners who start and run their own business these day to day issues of marketing, sales and staffing take up most of their time and leave little space for working on their businesses rather than in them.

While a business coach and consultant are different things, for a small business owner coaching with an experienced coach can have many of the same benefits of business consulting and many more besides. Some of the benefits of coaching include:

Action Planning

A strategic coach with business experience can help you clearly define your goals, create an action plan and then keep you accountable. Getting really clear on your goals and priorities is crucial for driving your business forwards and will lead to much faster success.

Most coaching relationships will start with a session to clearly define the goals you are looking to achieve and how the results will be measured. Your goals could be anything from marketing planning to improving your leadership skills or finding new revenue streams. Once the goals have been clearly defined then the action planning can begin with step by step plans to break down your goals into achievable and measurable results.


For many business professionals, this is the most valuable aspect of the coaching process. Having someone to hold you accountable ensures you make time for the things that will lead to business growth and success rather than getting constantly caught up in the everyday issues.

Once you have made your action plan your coach will be fully invested in helping you to achieve your goals. Asking difficult questions when required to uncover any limiting beliefs or behaviors that are holding you back, sharing tools and skills to help you progress, and generally checking in to make sure you are managing your time as effectively as possible.


Business mentoring, coaching and consulting all offer support to business owners and executives. Executive coaches support their clients in many ways from keeping them focused on their goals to acting as a sounding board for ideas and offering an outside perspective.

Running a small business can be quite lonely, especially when you are starting out and working long hours to get your business off the ground. Coaching or mentoring provides not only business support and guidance and a way to keep you focused but also someone to bounce ideas off and talk through strategies with.

Business coaches are not only great at asking the right questions but they generally have plenty of business experience themselves to draw from. This can be invaluable for a small business owner who may not have a large team to collaborate with on new ideas.

Aligning Life and Business

For small business owners in particular life and business are intimately entwined. Executive coaches aren’t life coaches as such, but leadership coaching can help business owners find effective solutions and better balance in all areas of their lives by drawing on their innate abilities and working on refining time management, communication and organizational skills and well as building soft skills such as self-awareness, empathy and conflict management.

Taking a full 360 review of where a business client is at and where they wish to be is also a great opportunity to align personal and business goals leading to greater motivation and better more fully aligned results.

Performing better in business and really focusing on the vision for the business also tends to have the effect of freeing up time allowing for a better work-life balance.

Business coaching is all about taking you from where you are to where you want to be and if that means spending more time doing the things you are best at and being with the people you love then the outcomes will naturally affect life and business.

Building Leadership Skills

Successful businesses have successful leaders and our business coaching programs have provided small business owners with the leadership skills they need to ensure they are destined for success.

Many entrepreneurs are experts in their niche, coaching programs can help you harness and direct these skills as well as working on the soft skills needed to become an exceptional leader and build effective relationships that will help your business thrive.

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