Executive Coaching Services – Business & Corporate Coaching

| Apr 7, 2020


Executive Coaching Services – Business & Corporate Coaching

Coaching is a great way to make leaders more effective, providing a powerful catalyst to uncover the potential of executives and leaders in every area of the business and corporate world. Executive coaching services have dramatically increased in availability and popularity in recent years, and coaching has gone from something no one had really heard of, to being recognized as a powerful tool for both personal growth and leadership training.

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Whether you are looking at transition coaching to support leadership strategies within change management and transformation implementation, or business coaching as part of an integrated leadership development program, executive coaching can significantly impact your entire organization.

According to the corporate leadership council executive coaching has been ranked higher than any other formal development program by executives themselves. Performance and effectiveness is improved by accessing your executives own inherent wisdom to find their own solutions resulting in sustained changes in behaviors and continuous progress.

Talent Development and Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaches offer customized to fit coaching programs to leadership executives that result in increased productivity and measurable results.

Business coaching is a powerful and versatile change management tool, and a key tool for improving leadership and management performance that focuses on an organization’s key asset, it’s people.

A coaching session will result in detailed action plans that provide a clear pathway to success that is in line with organizational goals, and a coach provides accountability for these action plans to ensure progress is being made as well as addressing any underlying issues and ingrained behaviors that may be limiting success.

Executive coaches focus on working with their coaching clients to bring about change that is sustainable and leads to tangible results in the short and long term. Whether you have a session per week or a session per month you will be actioning plans that take advantage of your strengths and the strengths of your team.

If executive coaching clients go into coaching engagements with the right attitude and an open mind they can expect to see numerous positive results including:

Improved self-awareness

Improved self-awareness has been linked to better organizational effectiveness and profitability. A study looking at the impact of executives’ self-awareness on company performance showed that executives whose own evaluation of their leadership skills differed significantly from their subordinates evaluation of those skills generally saw lower financial performance.

Uncovering limiting mindsets

Coaching relationships help to shift mindset allowing executives to leverage their existing strengths and identify areas where they need to enhance their skills, uncovering unconscious blocks such as an unwillingness to delegate responsibility or difficulty in communication with certain members of the team.

A clearer vision that can be communicated more effectively.

The ability to clarify and communicate your vision within leadership teams and wider development programs is a vital leadership skill and one that is accessed through effective coaching.

Better leadership skills

A customized program is a valuable part of leadership training that will develop leadership skills based on both business acumen and emotional intelligence.

Using Business & Corporate Coaching to Build Productive Relationships

The coaching process, unlike many other formal development processes focuses on recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses and empowering people to discover their own way forward.

A good executive coach will help their coaching clients to identify their goals and accelerate the speed at which they are able to achieve them. Not by providing answers or instructions but by collaboratively looking at what can be done and identifying limiting assumptions or actions that are not supporting the desired outcomes.

A good coach will also teach valuable new skills and ways of thinking and operating that can significantly improve relationships and collaboration within organizations. Enhancing strategic thinking, influencing and communication skills.

Effective coaching is a partnership built on trust that looks at goals and how to achieve them but also how you perceive yourself and are perceived by others allowing for more effective relationships at all levels within an organization.

Finding The Best Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching can have a tremendous impact, maximizing organizational effectiveness, developing talent within management teams and facilitating change management and transformation. But to see these kinds of results requires two things, firstly you or your leadership team have to be coachable, and secondly, your coach has to be good.

When you are investing in your employee’s development through coaching you want to ensure you’ll be getting the maximum return on your investment and that means finding a coach that is qualified, experienced and knows about your industry.

The Leets Consortium (TLC) has a record of achieving or exceeding client expectations of outcomes of over 95%, using coaches that demonstrated consistent competency over many years.

TLC can develop a customized coaching program and personalized service tailored to your organization’s growth and success. Drawing from a pool of highly talented coaches in a large number of global locations.

That might be by providing coaching solutions that include group and individual coaching, meeting facilitation, keynote speakers and team building as part of a leadership training program that is designed to advance capabilities regardless of leadership experience. Meeting your team and their threshold and pushing them exponentially beyond this point.

It might be individual coaching for leading executives. Or it might be providing consultancy and expertise in the field of change management and organizational transformation.

TLC also provides training for in-house coaches to allow organizations to have continual access to the valuable results that business and corporate coaching can provide.

Invest in executive coaching services today with a company that will offer tangible results, a personalized service, and exceptional value.


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