How Corporate Coaching Services can Help Make You More Successful

| Apr 8, 2020

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The availability and popularity of corporate coaching services have soared in recent times and with good reason. Leets Consortium’s one-on-one coaching with executive coaching clients has been shown to have significant impacts at both a personal and organizational level, to the point where senior leaders are ranking coaching ahead of any other professional development services.

The business landscape is more dynamic, competitive and challenging than ever before, and corporate coaching is recognized as an effective tool to allow individuals to develop their leadership skills, enhance their abilities to adapt to change, improve the effectiveness of their communications and build strategic relationships with both colleagues and clients.

If you are looking to discover and develop your talents, get better acquainted with and overcome your weaknesses and improve your strategic thinking, collaboration, communication and organizational effectiveness then a good coach could be a fast track to success. It is also important to note that there are different types of coaches, such as a personal coach and a career coach. Although these paths do tend to cross, executive leadership coaching focuses more on the organizational culture that impacts direct reports of senior executives to foster healthy growth of your entire organization.

How the Coaching Process Works

Coaching itself is a collaborative process between coach and client. A coach isn’t the same as a consultant or a trainer, although many have a background in one or both of these areas, and they are not there to give the answers. Coaching relationships are based on trust, asking sometimes difficult questions and maximizing access to your own inherent knowledge and talents.

Leadership coaches act as sounding boards allowing you to work through challenges but they also question your assumptions of yourself and others. This can offer an additional perspective on situations and move you through limiting beliefs.

The coaching process will usually begin with an initial coaching session to understand the objectives of both the executive and the organization. In many instances, executive coaches will also gather information on how the client is perceived by other stakeholders. This type of 360-degree feedback can give valuable insights that provide a stimulus for behavioral change that leads to greater success.

Coaching engagements then tend to focus on clarifying objectives and creating action plans.

Coaching methods vary but a great coach will help you unlock existing potential to maximize performance. This type of customized program of leadership development is what makes successful individuals even more successful and improves productivity for the entire organization.

The best corporate coaches are leadership experts and reflective sessions can help assess progress while uncovering weaknesses, bringing out strengths and developing leadership strategies in a safe and productive environment.

The most successful coaching clients are open to the process and recognize their areas of potential growth. In the past, coaching has been used as a last-ditch attempt to deal with problem executives and has even had a stigma attached to it. Nowadays the most successful leaders, business owners, and high-level executives see the value that coaching can bring to the success of their organizations.

Why Effective Coaching Solutions Lead to Greater Success

Whether it’s management coaching to improve leadership skills, advancement coaching for newly promoted executives or talent development to ensure you have exceptional leaders capable of driving your organization forward, coaching provides a highly personalized service that gives measurable and sustainable results.

Coaching programs can give leaders and their teams a competitive advantage as they promote better emotional intelligence, create space for new insights, enable enhanced performance by tailoring strategies to an individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses – such as uncovering limiting mindsets.

Key coaching benefits that will make you more successful include:

Achieve Your Goals

This is the bottom line when it comes to measuring the success of coaching engagements. Are you better equipped to achieve your goals and making progress towards them?

Business coaching, like any other form of coaching is about helping you become really clear on your goals and objectives as well as what you are capable of doing to achieve them. Your coach becomes a powerful pillar of support for the process, a neutral third party that knows what you want, but isn’t dependent on you for their success.

Executive coaches are there to give honest feedback, remind you of what you wanted to achieve and help you uncover anything within you or your behaviors that might be getting in the way.

See Yourself and Others More Clearly

Because coaching includes having someone to ask the difficult questions and challenge our assumptions. They are able to offer a more neutral perspective on those around us and give insight into how others perceive us.

Greater self-awareness can also bring the added benefit of better self-regulation. When you recognize and are aware of your emotions you are better able to control and regulate them. This is especially important if you are to keep top talent, enabling them to also positively affect organizational culture.

Build Better Relationships

Having better self-awareness, higher emotional intelligence and being better able to see others clearly allows you to build more productive relationships.

Success isn’t just about the quality of your own work but the quality of your team and how well they work together. It’s about the ability to inspire and direct others and knowing how to leverage your existing strengths and the strengths of others.

Coaching is also an effective way to improve your communication skills. Many executives don’t communicate nearly as effectively as they think especially when aiming to communicate with people of different backgrounds or personality types. Good communication allows people to connect and form more productive relationships that will contribute to success.

Gain New Insight and Learn New Ways to Respond

Having someone to work through challenges with can be an invaluable way of gaining new insight into a situation and thinking more freely to come up with more flexible or creative solutions.

Coaches also have a lot of tools they can teach you to enable you to deal with situations more effectively and get more productive results.

Motivation is Key to Success

Engaging in an aligned coaching relationship can also have a big impact on motivation. As you become clear on your goals and how to communicate them with others and more towards achieving them you will start seeing measurable results and be encouraged to recognize and celebrate this success. And with success comes the motivation to strive for even better results.

Find Great Corporate Coaching Services with The Leets Consortium

The Leets Consortium offer highly customized coaching solutions to clients all over the world. The personal approach combined with the best executive coaches in all our global locations leads to the highest levels of client satisfaction.



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