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| Jun 22, 2020

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Business coaching services offer a powerful tool to grow your business, clarify and attain business goals and take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

There are so many business coaching success stories. Business owners across all sectors are recognizing that executive coaching offers a fantastic return on investment. Coaching and mentoring integrates the personal and professional, focusing on the areas of personal development and business growth that are most aligned with your individual needs and objectives.

A business coach isn’t paid to come up with the answers like a consultant, instead, one-on-one coaching follows an individualized and strategic action plan to achieve business mastery and long-lasting business results.

Whether you are looking at building your business, leadership development, improving time management and project management skills for yourself or your team or simply to increase revenue, business coaching and mentoring can offer massive results.

Business coaching programs

Coaching is a partnership between the coach, the coachee and the organization. The engagement usually begins with 360-degree personal business assessments looking at business plans, strategic objectives and personal capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This acts as a starting point for development, gives huge insights into how personally developed an individual is, their existing leadership skills and styles, and helps with getting really clear on the objectives and action plans.

The strategic plan is then translated into actionable goals that are more aligned with both organizational and individual objectives. These goals should then be agreed upon along with metrics that can be used to measure success.

Various tests will usually be carried out as well as interviews with other members of the organization to give a better understanding of company culture and relationship dynamics, organizational goals and business structure. This process in itself can provide valuable insights that become a catalyst for change and development.

The coach is then there to keep you accountable and motivated towards achieving those goals. They act as a sounding board and can offer a different perspective or help you see your blind spots. Simply taking the time to take a step back from daily tasks and think strategically with someone there to share ideas and expertise with can have a massive impact, leading to real measurable progress and massive results in a short time.

Our coaches are not only passionate about achieving successful coaching outcomes they also bring with them years of business experience and a wealth of proven best practice systems and processes. They focus not only on developing emotional intelligence and communication skills but organizational effectiveness and consistent measurable results and they are there to be a trusted ally when it comes to navigating whatever challenges you may encounter along the way. Whether real estate teams or sales teams, business leaders in just about any vertical including online business can benefit from coaching packages.

A coaching session isn’t a therapy session, nor is it business consulting, instead, it’s about uncovering a leader’s true potential. Yes, they may offer knowledge and insights but the benefits of great leadership coaching won’t end when the coaching programs are finished and the initial goals are achieved.

A great coach is a combination of mentor, consultant, counselor and cheerleader all rolled into one. They offer specialized recommendations based on a wealth of industry knowledge and experience but they also ask the right questions to help executives find their own way. In this way instead of prescribing solutions, they are empowering individuals for long-lasting change.

How Coaching and Mentoring Can Lead to Massive Results

The statistics speak for themselves when it comes to the benefits of individualized coaching. In a survey of coaching clients more than 85% reported financial benefits that far exceeded the cost of coaching and 95% of our clients report that the established coaching objectives have been achieved.

The results will, of course, vary widely. And, just as each individual is different, so are their desired outcomes. This is why it is important to start the process with clear, measurable benchmarks of success that can be referred back to throughout the process.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that coaching is just for struggling companies or problem executives. Successful businesses employ coaches in the same way that sports teams do. They pick their best talent and they work on building champions.

Many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs and successful businesses extol the virtues of business coaching and mentoring seeing it as a valuable if not essential investment in success.

Coaches will get to know you and your strategic objectives, they will become your trusted confidant and biggest ally as well as keeping you focused and accountable. And once you start seeing results, once the skills and personal development become embedded the empowerment, motivation and growth become exponential. Limiting beliefs are overcome, and objectives are truly aligned with both organizational and individual values.

The benefits of coaching and mentoring are wide-ranging and often far exceed initial goals and development plans.

Increased revenue can be a primary objective for many business owners, and a successful coaching relationship can not only uncover successful business strategies but lead to huge improvements in customer relations and satisfaction as well as improving staff retention and motivation and better preparedness for market fluctuations.

Coaching and mentoring can have dramatic impacts on emotional intelligence, leadership skill and an executives capacity for divergent thinking which are all invaluable in overcoming hurdles and building successful organizations.

Of course, all these benefits are only possible with a good coach and a client that is coachable. For coaching or mentoring to be successful the relationship needs to be two-sided and executives need to be open to the process and committed to achieving results and expanding their capabilities. Individuals also need to be clear about their goals and objectives, not afraid to admit their areas of weakness or vulnerability, and open to exploring strategies and avenues that they might perhaps not have adopted in the past.

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