“Peter and The Leets Consortium proved extremely valuable with their services in the area of executive coaching. Never before have I witnessed such drastic positive transformation in character and management style, as I did when Peter began coaching a senior level executive in our organization. The proof came not from my perspective but from the overwhelming positive qualitative responses received by me from many individuals two to three layers under the executive. Not only was Peter successful in helping to create change in the person, but he was also great in keeping key stakeholders informed and involved in the process. Top notch execution backed up with top notch customer service!”

SVP, Global Leadership & Organizational Development, Disney Consumer Products

“I wanted you to know how satisfied I am with the consulting engagement! I have seen our coachee flourish under Kathy’s coaching. She has a no nonsense way about her that is refreshing and she is quite adept at getting to the heart of a situation. Kathy is also flexible and adapts her style to the particular situation at hand. We have established a robust communication and check in process which allows for candid conversations among the three of us. I have been so pleased with the partnership that I asked Kathy to coach one additional member of my team. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and let you know how satisfied I am.”

VP, Corporate Responsibility, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

“I have enjoyed working with Peter and his team at The Leets Consortium (“TLC”) for many years. TLC truly understands our firm’s needs and has exceeded every professional goal we have set for them. We have experienced wonderful coaching outcomes working with TLC in our offices around the globe. As an added bonus, TLC’s culture aligns nicely with our firm’s long history of charitable commitment and community service. For example, TLC’s president, Peter Leets, serves in numerous charitable and community roles (e.g., as a “Pink Tie Guy” for Susan G. Komen, as a member of “100 Men” for Human Options, and by donating his time to Pet Therapy with Gunther at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles). In addition, Peter and TLC donate hundreds of wheelchairs for people in need around the world through the Free Wheelchair Mission. It is always a pleasure working with TLC and I recommend The Leets Consortium unconditionally.”

Director of Professional Development, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

“The Leets Consortium provided ConAgra Foods with excellent service during a large coaching assignment. From beginning to end, Peter provided a comprehensive, timely process to ensure we were getting our multiple needs met. Peter was a true partner along each step of the process — such as developing a project strategy and calendar, making coach selection recommendations, being the coach for the most senior executive in Sales, ensuring meaningful development plans were put in place and finally, ensuring that appropriate follow-up and closure occurred. Peter’s depth of experience in executive development, as well as his calm demeanor and attention to detail made this project a real success.”

Director, Talent Acquisition & Development ConAgra Foods

“Peter was phenomenal! We got our “money’s worth”; the process was really good! Peter’s approach to getting feedback was deeper and really revealed areas of opportunity and improvement needed. Peter brought very good tangible actions for me to improve and visibility to blind and/or ignored spots. He was very flexible offering ways to create behavioral change; he offered great resources to help change.”

Group COO, United Health Group

“The Leets Consortium, and their excellent staff of professional coaches, are a critical part of our Talent Development team. They know our business, our culture, and our challenges. They provide coaching and support that align with the needs of our company and our leaders, yielding a positive, measureable impact on the behaviors of those who have participated in the program across the country.”

VP, Learning and Talent Development, Molina Healthcare Inc.

“Peter has good follow up, keeps me informed about the executive coaching process, builds solid relationships, keeps confidentiality and can focus in on the skills both the executive and their leaders wants to work on and develop.”

Vice President, HR, United Health Group

“As part of our leadership development initiatives, KMA engaged Peter Leets and his team in various coaching engagements over the last several years. Peter’s previous background in sales and marketing allows him to effectively connect with coaching participants as he understands the business environment, dynamic venue that these professionals work in day-to-day and can apply sound coaching principles that are appropriate for our executives. Organizations looking to employ coaching in conjunction with their overall leadership development initiatives would be well served with an engagement with Peter Leets and his team at The Leets Consortium.”

Director, Corporate HR, Kia Motors America Inc.

“I wanted to share my feedback on The Leets Consortium. I have had executive coaching experiences in the past, but nothing of the exceptional caliber of your organization! I’d like to specifically acknowledge two individuals on your team.
Chandra did a fantastic job of helping me find the right coach. I called her my “Coach Selection Coach”. She was an effective sounding board, de-briefing with me after every interview to determine what worked and what didn’t from a style and content perspective, She effectively navigated my busy schedule, arranged coach interviews and guided me through the final selection process. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to Chandra.
After interviewing coaches, I selected Jessica. We’ve been discussing a number of my development areas and every conversation we‘ve had pushes me into new (and often unanticipated) perspectives and provides me with new vantage points to consider. Jessica is clearly a skilled coaching professional, patient, empathetic, active listener, able to push back and tool rich (articles, books, techniques) What differentiates her in my mind is her intelligence and insightfulness. It is Jessica’s ability to equally blend IQ with EQ that makes her an ideal coach to help me unlock undiscovered talent and potential, Please accept my thanks for the exemplary work Jessica is performing”

Regional Vice President, SAP America

“In a world dominated by talking heads and business gurus offering twelve step platitudes on how to supersize your life as a leader, it is deeply affirming to work with someone like Peter Leets whose calm, steady hand helps guide you to your own ‘aha’ leadership moment. With a deep understanding of human nature, social psychology and the business case, I owe Peter a great debt of gratitude. His thoughtful guidance has helped me navigate business’ rough seas and has helped me become the kind of leader people want to follow.”

Vice President, Sales, Speedo, USA

“In my 25+ year professional career I have worked with so many outstanding individuals. I have never encountered someone with Jessica’s keen ability to read subtle signals. She was able to get to the root of my current experience and motivation because of this ability. I feel truly blessed to have worked with her. I have better insight now about my own triggers and roadblocks to be able to really grow professionally and make more of a leadership impact because of the work I have done with her.”

Physician Leader, United Health Group

 “My relationship with Anne began after I had taken on a larger responsibility as CEO of my company. It was quite a change for me after having spent 28 years as a sales executive! Anne’s full background of Sales, Administration and Management has helped me so much! She understood completely what skills she needed to coach me on so that I could elevate myself to be an effective CEO. Her caring demeanor, along with her business savvy, helped me tremendously. I don’t believe I could have made this difficult transition without her excellent experience and coaching skills to lead me in the right direction. I will forever be grateful to Anne.”

CEO, LMC Manufacturing

“Kudos to Peter Leets and The Leets Consortium and their approach to executive coaching. They are very well organized and follow a rigorous process. They keep everyone informed throughout engagement with regular milestones and ’check-ins.”

Senior Director, Organizational Development, Mattel

 “Peter is an outstanding career coach, planner and entrepreneur, in addition to being a very supportive business partner. The words that come to mind when I think of Peter are “a class act.” I recommend Peter’s services without hesitation to anyone who needs a caring consultant who delivers results. ”

SVP/CIO, Paramount Pictures

“Anne Leets had a profound impact on my leadership development. When I first met Anne, I was so impressed by how well she listened. I felt I was 100% heard during our time together. She also asked very good questions, which guided me to my own conclusions. The most remarkable thing of all was Anne’s ability to make complex issues become easy and solvable at the end of our conversations. I have grown years during our three months together. I now have more confidence, clarity and competence and I couldn’t have done it without Anne’s coaching.

Director, Edwards Lifesciences

Peter is an excellent coach…extremely intuitive. I was able to share vulnerabilities and he was able to quickly assess my needs and present them in a clear manner. Peter went above and beyond the call of duty and continued to meet with me and coach me for a while after our engagement ended. He is truly dedicated to his profession!”

Senior Vice President, United Health Group

“It is a pleasure working with The Leets Consortium. They always take the time to listen and understand the development needs of our leaders. The team is open to feedback and we have seen much success with their executive coaching services.”

Regional SVP, Human Resources, MGM Resorts International

“Peter Leets was an excellent executive coach who provided sound, practical and actionable advice and counsel. I found Peter to be a straight shooter who ensured you were accountable for achieving your goals. I often reached to him as a sounding board for addressing certain situations or preparing for critical conversations. I highly recommend Peter and would reach out to him again if needed.”

Vice President, Sutter Health

“As I contemplated changes in my role and organization, I knew that I needed to work with someone who had been in the trenches. I was committed to the transformation that needed to occur and with Anne Leets’ help, I was able to do that. I appreciated both her polish and her no-nonsense approach…it was exactly what I was looking for. With her coaching, I was able to delve deeper and develop straightforward fixes to challenges I’ve faced for years. Anne has helped me create a personal brand and image that I am proud to call my own. I heartily endorse her insight and her coaching style.

General Manager/COO, Tradition Golf Club

“Peter is great at providing the necessary feedback to successful leaders to facilitate the realization that something needs to change or professional growth will be limited. His calm and insightful coaching approach coupled with his brevity of speech and superior listening skills is a model I will follow.”

Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“Peter was very effective in guiding me down the right path to develop a plan which has made me a better person. I have seen the benefits not only in my career but also in my personal life. Peter always listened to what I was saying, made sure he understood what I was saying and offered thoughtful feedback. I appreciate every minute I spent with Peter and recommend his services to anyone who is looking to improve at a professional or personal level.”

President, SC Fuels

“In my 23 years, I have been to many management courses and received individualized training. Peter’s style was personal and targeted to what would help me achieve my goals. His coaching was by far the best, not only and planning but in results. Peter has been instrumental in my development as a leader. My Vital Sign Scores, which rate me as a leader compared to my peers are significantly higher than those at not only at Optum’s RX, Insight and Health Companies but also those at my level at UHG.Peter was a pleasure to work with and he continues to be a mentor to me.”

Vice President, United Health Group

“Peter has been an effective executive coach. He makes your needs a priority and is available to support a wide range of requests. With Peter’s vast experience, he has been able to provide great insight to address each situation that has been asked of him. It has been a pleasure to work with Peter and I look forward to an on-going relationship with him and his firm.

Vice President, Pepsi Cola

“Carol is very flexible, open and thoughtful and open in her approach to assessing needs and recommending actions based on my self-determined areas of focus and direction. I very much recommend Carol as a coaching resource to others.”

Executive Vice President, United Health Group

 “Anne Leets has had an amazing impact not only on my personal life but how I interact with others and how I view myself as a leader. She has instilled confidence in my own instincts and constantly reminds me to ask myself the most important question…what is best for the business? She’s helped me have the clarity to make more sound decisions that align with our company values and growth needs. Anne has a no nonsense approach but she is also a very warm, approachable and supportive coach. Working with Anne and The Leets Consortium has been one of the best investments our company has ever made.”

Vice President Operations/LMC Manufacturing

“Peter: As you’re aware we have been actively engaged with The Leets Consortium for well over seven years now on a variety of coaching opportunities, and I must say that the outcomes with our employees has been excellent. Your staff has been exemplary in their ability to develop a focused, well thought out coaching agenda and deliver positive results. Their professionalism, technique, and positive perspective has resulted in bringing our leadership here at Corinthian Colleges to a new and better level. In fact, the very first engagement that we had with one of our senior leaders has resulted in more than just a positive outcome, but someone who has eagerly volunteered to be “the poster boy” for the impact that The Leets Consortium has had on his personal and professional life, and that says a lot. In addition, your firms’ ability to match the appropriate consulting support to the right set of circumstances, regardless of location, has been very beneficial in helping to remove any perceived performance constraints and drive strong outcomes over time.”

SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

“Anne’s coaching style is so unique…it is a balance of inspiration, business strategy and tactics. She challenges you to identify a clear path for development and more often than not coaches you to the point where you exceed your goals. The lessons I have learned from Anne, I take with me not only in my professional life but in my personal life as well. Anne truly personifies that to be a good leader you must also be a good person.”

VP Sales, JoFit Inc

“Over six months, Landi provided me with a tremendous amount of support and guidance and thought-provoking discussion. Landi offered an evaluation of my leadership with a 360 and several other tools that gave me insight into my leadership. She spent time not only with me but also with my team. Each time I met with Landi I felt I had learned something, or I had information to use in my day to day leadership. Our discussions also gave me opportunities to reflect on my leadership, outcomes and reactions. Her style is comfortable and not overbearing, yet challenging, and she was not afraid to confront some of my thinking. She was always available by phone or to fly in and she was always responsive when I emailed her. Landi has great insight to people; I felt she really understood me and was sincere. I would recommend her to any executive, especially someone I really cared about. They would be in good hands with Landi. “

Hospital Leader, Sutter Health

 “Peter is the consummate coaching professional. He has an engaging demeanor, soft patience, wonderful insight, and a platform that produces results for those who engage in the program. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Peter, and found the results to benefit not only my professional career, but also my personal life.”

Chief Executive Officer, Mark IV Capital, Inc.

“I connected very well with Carol. She was flexible, on time, insightful, humorous and we immediately established a high level of mutual respect and trust. I always felt like Carol was in my corner; I was obviously ware and permissive that she was providing context and feedback to my supervisor and I actually felt this was a positive and effective way to have an independent third party validate the work and progress I was doing/making.

Executive Vice President, United Health Group

 “Peter’s outstanding executive coaching experience, his focus on the individual, personal, and emotional dynamics in a challenging transition helped to not only manage the situation, but turned this into an opportunity for profound insights and key learning for the future. Peter’s approach is both strategic and practical, enabling and supportive, empathic and objective. He and his team provide excellent service and can be highly recommended.”

Senior Vice President, Global Development Operations, Allergan

“Working with The Leets Consortium has been a very positive experience. Not only do we see meaningful career results in executives, we experience the highest level of professionalism and attention from Peter and his team. TLC is truly a first class organization.”

Vice President, Human Resources, Allergan

“I feel lucky I was given the opportunity to be coached by Anne Leets. She helped me navigate a complicated work environment and the difficult situations that accompanied it. Anne is an insightful and compassionate professional who genuinely cares about developing talent. I regularly find myself recalling conversations with Anne and putting her words into action both with other executives and those I manage directly. Working with Anne has and will continue to have a profound impact on my career.”

VP Marketing/Financial Services Company

“Having a professional coach has been a great experience for me. Barrett has provided insight and validation that I’m on the right path towards promotion and continued success with Sutter. My confidence is higher after the 360 process, and Barrett’s interpretation and communication of the themes was extremely helpful. I welcome the opportunity to continue our relationship.”

Vice President, Sutter Health

“Peter Leets’ influence on the trajectory of my career is indisputable. A months-long coaching engagement in ’08 began with self-assessment and 360-degree reviews from those around me. Peter and his organization were able to wrap the responses and feedback anonymously into valuable insight into how I was perceived – both the good and not-so-good. Even though I was perceived as a rising star in my organization, there were some important challenges that I faced to continue progressing in the necessary manner. From there, Peter and I began to have 1-on-1 meetings to discuss the issues that needed improvement and mutually explore my thinking on various challenges. It’s clear to me in hindsight that I wouldn’t have done such a “deep dive” or introspective look on my own because it was uncomfortable. Peter challenged me to see things as they were, not as I thought I saw them, and to think about development issues that were easily brushed off by a busy executive. Our meetings and conversations were not always easy, but they were instrumental in helping me progress with challenges that I faced on the road to reaching my potential within my organization. At the end of the engagement, I crafted a written personal strategic plan – with Peter’s assistance and guidance – that was presented to the most senior leaders in my firm. This roadmap outlined what I wanted to do, why, and how I would continue to progress. Through both my own hard work and determination, along with Peter’s support and advice during the engagement, I made progress on improvement goals laid out in that plan, and a year-and-a-half later, I was promoted to Managing Director of my firm (i.e., partner). This terrific achievement is a strong testament to the guidance that Peter provided, which helped me to clear some important “hurdles” along the journey to that destination.”

Senior Analyst, Greenstreet Advisors

“Martin has been sensational. He is very insightful, skilled and pragmatic with the application of his advice. I’ve very much enjoying and learning from my coaching.”

Vice President, Sutter Health

“Kia Motors America (KMA) has been one of the fastest growing car companies in the U.S. over the past five years. In conjunction with our growth, it is imperative that our leadership team develop and exhibit the leadership behaviors and competencies required to support our growth.
As part of our leadership development initiative, KMA has engaged Peter Leets and his team, via the Leets Consortium, in various coaching engagements over the last several years. Peter’s previous background in sales and marketing allows him to effectively connect with coaching participants as he understands the business environment, dynamic venue that these professionals work in day-to-day and can apply sound coaching principles that are appropriate for our executives.
Peter brings a structured coaching foundation to the engagement that is formalized and clearly outlines for the participant the process and deliverables that are required for a successful outcome – that being improved insight regarding the issues, plan for development and the experiential experience to improve.
Many of the participants who have completed a coaching engagement have been able to improve their leadership style as evidenced by feedback from their team and peers, in addition to their own acknowledgement and evolution of change in their competency skill set.
Organizations looking to employ coaching in conjunction with their overall leadership development initiatives would be well served with an engagement with Peter Leets via the Leets Consortium.”

Director HR, Corporate Facilities & Administration, Kia Motors America, Inc.

“Martin has been sensational. He is very insightful, skilled and pragmatic with the application of his advice. I’ve very much enjoying and learning from my coaching.”

Vice President, Sutter Health

Thank You For Considering The Leets Consortium!

Thank you for considering The Leets Consortium. We consistently offer the high quality work, effective coaches and best practices you expect combined with the global reach, personalized service and value proposition you need. TLC leadership coaching is focused on successful outcomes that have become The Leets Consortium “trademark”.