What should I ask an executive coach

| Aug 18, 2020

What Should I ask an Executive Coach?

Executive coaching is one of the most powerful tools available to improve performance and unleash true leadership and business potential.

In a coaching relationship, it is usually the coach that asks the questions. In fact that’s one of the things they are there for, to ask the right questions that help you get to the heart of whatever issue, challenge or objective you are facing, recognize your strengths, uncover and dispel any limiting beliefs and employ greater levels of divergent thinking and emotional intelligence to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask your coach questions as well. Especially at the beginning of the relationship but also ongoing throughout the time you spend working together.

Before you start working with an executive coach there are probably quite a few things you want to know to verify that this is going to be the right relationship and worth spending your money on. Some questions to ask might include:

  • What is your experience? Especially relating to their level of expertise in your own or similar fields.
  • Can I have references that I can contact?
  • What is your methodology? How will the process work?
  • How do you measure success? You need to agree on this.
  • What will you be expected to do between meetings and how available will your coach be during that time?
  • How do you choose your clients? Ask them about clients they have turned down.

You may also want to ask yourself a few questions… Get really clear on what you want out of the relationship, the challenges you would like to overcome and what you want to achieve. Think about the areas you want to change and understand what success will look like to you. Want to find a coach who aligns with your goals? Contact us today and we will help match you with a highly skilled and results driven coach!

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