What makes a good leadership coach?

, | Jun 22, 2020

leadership coach helping man climb mountain

If you have decided to invest in yourself or your team by engaging the services of a leadership coach then you’ll want to make sure you find the best possible person to work with. Here are five things to look for when selecting a leadership coach…

So, What Makes a Good Leadership Coach?

1. They make you feel like their only client
As more and more coaching moves to a virtual space, it is crucial for both parties to be fully engaged. Your coach should make you feel as though nothing is more important than the work you are doing together.
2. Chemistry
Chemistry may be the most vague and yet most essential aspect of a coaching relationship. In order to let down your guard and fully trust your coach, chemistry is key.
3. They are able to get to the root cause of challenges
A coach should be able to help you identify emotional boundaries and biases that may be holding you back.
4. They value ongoing learning
Professional development is a mandatory skill for those who are developing others. You wouldn’t want a heart surgeon who hasn’t kept up on the latest medical advancements operating on you, would you? The same goes for your leadership coach.
5. They challenge you
Transformation isn’t easy. Your coach should be able to push you to break through limitations. A leadership coach is there to offer outside observation, keep you accountable, be a sounding board and call you out when your actions are not aligned to your vision, goals and objectives.

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