What Does a Leadership Coach do?

| Jun 22, 2020

What a leadership coach does


Professional development can take many forms. Most leaders are already experts in their field and remain continually up to date with the latest industry knowledge and developments. There comes a point where they have all the required excellence and expertise and yet there is always the capacity for further development and the opportunity to take their leadership to the next level.

What a Leadership Coach Does:

A leadership coach recognizes the client’s expertise and supports them to fully access their potential in alignment with their own values and organizational objectives. Leadership coaching can help leaders discover those “ah-ha” moments, where small shifts in perspective or behavior can bring about massive changes in results, leveraging existing strengths and working through blockages or limiting beliefs.

Although there are always organizational goals and outcomes, leadership coaching is a uniquely personal process that often results in profound increases in both self-awareness and awareness of others.

Great leaders have been shown to be highly emotionally intelligent, they show high levels of empathy, resilience, and integrity, and have exceptional communication skills. Great leadership is as much about personal connection that anything else and building relationships and connection starts with being able to see yourself clearly.

A good coaching relationship will be founded on trust and results will always be best when the executive has a desire to develop and a willingness to fully participate in the process. Leadership coaches act as both an observer and a sounding board, they offer feedback and insight, share their insights and expertise and facilitate the changes needed to achieve exceptional results.

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