TLC Topics & Trends in Talent: Leadership as a Retention Strategy

| Jan 15, 2021


It’s no surprise organizations are leveraging leadership development as a way to engage, motivate and retain top talent! This trend is stronger than ever in 2023.

Human Resources Director (Nov 2022) shared this insight:

“When it comes to employee training and development, there’s a gap between perception and reality: 74% of employers believe they’re offering enough career development opportunities for their workforce. Yet, only half of employees believe that to be true. This gap has continued to widen as companies scrambled to redesign their learning and development resources for a hybrid workforce.”

The workplace “landscape” has been changing at breathtaking speed and the way we communicate, collaborate and align for team effectiveness has been changing as well. Many agree the job of a people manager can be 10x harder… with a wider range of workplace challenges. New skill development is needed!

Still responsible for leading teams and driving performance to achieve results, in our new “hybrid world of work”, they are expected to do so much more! Effective communication, inclusion of remote team members, facilitating connection and alignment… all while supporting the growth and development of each person.

It’s more likely top talent will be retained when:

  • An organization demonstrates support and investment in learning
  • Growth opportunities are visible and pathways identified
  • Resources are available to both leaders and their teams
  • Stress and burnout are recognized and mitigated
  • Leaders can see their impact is effective and making a difference
  • Connections, based on trust and empathy, are made with teams & peers

Community and a “sense of belonging” is powerful when it comes to retention. Leading a team in a hybrid environment can be lonely and isolating without the more spontaneous interaction available in the office. Group coaching and facilitated training can be key to building a “leadership community” that supports an “enterprise mindset” and creates “safe” places to ask questions, share best practices, develop cross-functional relationships, and learn!

Sources: Harvard Business Review, Deloitte, Gallup, Boston Business Journal


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