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For those who have made a career in the business industry, it’s clear that continual growth is the key to staying on top. There are companies, such as The Leets Consortium, that have made it their mission to lead business teams to new heights. TLC specializes in talent development, leadership coaching, career transition, change management, and even culture transformation. They have been around for twenty years, and during that time they have numerous corporations across the globe and from different business sectors. Some of the more well know clients of The Leets Consortium include; Black and Decker, Baxter, American Heart Association, Coca Cola, and Disney. They are just the tip of the iceberg, and TLC is adding more clients every day through their executive coaching services.

What Will The Leets Consortium Help With?

TLC offers several different services that your corporation is sure to benefit from. They have talent development, leadership coaching, change and culture transformation, and career transition coaching.

Talent Development

Corporations of any size or always on the look-out for talent to add to the ‘next generation’ or their business. TLC has a talent development program that aims to take this next generation and turn them into leaders. On top of developing talent, TLC can also help individuals at a company become coaches themselves. The skills they learn during the program will help them effectively coach the leaders of their business through various different scenarios that could pop up.

Leadership Coaching

The leadership coaching program at TLC takes busy business leaders and make sure they are aligned with the skills they need. As the business landscape evolves, leaders everywhere need to stay up-to-date on what those changes mean for them. TLC makes sure these leaders retain and improve on the skills they need.

Change and Culture Transformation

Change is always happening in the world of business. This can come in the form of mergers, new technology being introduced onto the field, or organizational restructuring. The Leets Consortium makes sure that leaders around the world don’t fall short when it comes to these changes or cultural transformations.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching at The Leets Consortium is meant to help the individual leader, no matter the type of business they are looking to go into. It is mainly set up to help those who already have or had a career and are wanting a change. Career transition coaching will take in the individual's needs and use that, as well as strategy, to set them on the right path.

What Are Clients Saying?

Clients across the board seem to be in agreement that The Leets Consortium can be a great help to those in the corporate business world. The TLC team has been able to help various clients and their own teams grow and develop various skills to help them navigate the corporate business world. The Leets Consortium is passionate about their clients getting everything they can from the experience, and they aim for it to be a fun and helpful experience. They operate under the motto, “demonstrate, don’t declare.”

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Executive Coaching Services Executive Coaching Services Executive Coaching Services