Motivational Youth Coach

Motivational Youth Coach

The trophies, wins or feats of a team are usually the parameters for gauging a team's success. But intuitive and intelligent coaches know that a keen relationship with each player is key to achieving team success. 

Building concrete bonds with players lets the coach into the triggers and ticklers of each player. When a coach looks to genuinely know his players, it lets the vulnerable and emotional aspect of the coach out too. 

These kind, endearing and truthful gestures of concern for the player, shows to the player that the coach is as interested in his/her well being even off the field of play. This will most likely boost the player's morale.

Imagine the coach has such a great relationship with all players. The team is on a healthy dose of high morale. And that synergy will help in attaining their set goals.

Thus, at our academy, the coaches are tilted to creating a comfortable atmosphere for all players. We ensure they can freely express their minds. We treat their opinions as very important and ensure they get justifications if something goes wrong. 

Our coaches, in expression of genuine concern, imbibe skills such as good communication skills, use of positive reinforcement, trust gaining, and also willingness to provide guidance or encouragement for needy players.

In subsequent parts of this article, we will succinctly explain how our coaches engage these skills.

Good Communication 

For a coach-player relationship to thrive beyond the shores of the baseball game, communication is essential. 

When there's no clear communication between coach and players, it'll affect the team spirit. This may also affect their performances. 

But when a coach genuinely invests in knowing how each team member feels, it will help in boosting the air of affection around the team. Team members will easily speak their minds, tell their opinions and give their best.

Our coaches know the essence of good communication, and do not take it lightly in dealing with team members.

Positive Reinforcement

A coach who genuinely cares for his players will look out for them. So doing, he gets to know of their deepest worries and pains. 

Apart from empathizing with the athletes upon the knowledge of their personal issues, this knowledge can be used in devising motivational points. 

In doing this, the coach is building the player through positive support and encouragement. This can help them go on to achieve their individual desires and in turn help the team to greater heights.  

Our coaches engage positive reinforcement to help players derive motivation from within themselves. And help them get better in their individual lives. This in turn sees a cohesive development of the team. 

Genuine Interest

If a coach desires to earn the respect of players, he must be ready to accord them the same. To establish a great bond with players, coaches cannot afford to show only team related interest in them. Players already know they are meant to play for the team. So as a coach, surprise them by showing interest in other aspects of their life. 

It is not by asking them directly, you have to show genuine interest by being vulnerable first. Talk about your own fears, your other passions, your best food. Be vulnerable. That show of sincerity will help the players grow comfortable with being more open with a coach. 

There is a clear difference between acting interested and being interested. And the difference is the genuineness of the latter. Our experienced coaches know this well and effortlessly bond with each player and the team at large. 


To foster the genuineness of love, a coach has to make it clear his/her availability to discuss anything any player is going through. And this has to be made clear that it does not have to be matters relating to the game alone. 

Our coaches understand the essence of this interpersonal reach outs and make sure players see them as accessible and available. 


A very vital variable in expressing  concern for players beyond the game, is by showing that you trust their decisions. 

A player has a highschool exam, you let him know you trust him or her to get great grades and come top it up with a win with the team. It blends, doesn't it?

It shows you trust in their ability to be multi-talented and successful on all sides. And shows that you care not just about their game issues but other aspects of them too.

Our coaches understand that once trust is earned, players are more committed, relaxed and results are more positive. 


The capacity to foster a great relationship between coach and player is a unique one. And our baseball coaches do well to imbibe it. They care, and express it genuinely.

They show concern for the emotional, physical, social, and mental aspects of team members. You are never left out in any way when you take our baseball training courses. Shop our products today at 

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Motivational Youth Coach Motivational Youth Coach Motivational Youth Coach